ICD-10 Pro HakaseTaro
“ICD-10 Pro HakaseTaro” was made with great changing of the function in “ICD-10 HakaseTaro” and became iPhone User Friendly.  COMING VERY  SOON !!
Top screen Font size Blocks Three-coded level
Four-coded level Search by disease1 Search by diseases Search by the code
Font-size became larger. It is easier to the disease name and code of ICD-10.

”Four-coded disease name search” and “three code of ICD-10 search” are available.

Search query is determined by the combination of three toggle buttons, [AND]-[OR], [Three]-[Four], and [Name]-[Code]. Those buttons recognize available and unavailable combination to search ICD-10. When unavailable combination was selected, “ICD-10 Pro HakaseTaro” corrects them automatically.

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