At 14:46 on March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 giant earthquake ("Tohoku Earthquake") struck northeastern Japan. As concluded by earth quake scientists, the Tohoku Earthquake was comprised of three major earthquakes. In Iwaki, Fukushima, tremors of Level 4 or above intensity on the Japanese earthquake scale lasted approximately 190 seconds. These earthquakes caused large-scale tsunamis. Miyako, Iwate, experienced the highest tsunami at 40.5 m. The tsunami reached 6 km inland. Damages were devastating, particularly in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima in Tohoku and Ibaraki and Chiba in Kanto. As of December 2011, the number of dead and missing reportedly reached approximately 20,000. The number of those affected by the Tohoku Earthquake reached approximately 330,000 nationwide. As of November 2011, approximately 260,000 people were forced to stay in temporary public housing in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima.

We hope that the victims of the Tohoku Earthquake can go back to the lives of pre-March 11, 2011, soon, and hope for the healthy development of children in Tohoku. Because we want you to learn more about Tohoku and because we want you to help our friends, we published this picture book entitled ENJOY TOHOKU! This picture book introduces cultural events and festivals held in Tohoku over the year so that people of all ages around the world can deepen their knowledge of Tohoku. We would greatly appreciate it if you could download this picture book, ENJOY TOHOKU!, and learn about Tohoku, Japan.
A table of contents for “ENJOY TOHOKU”
January "Kamakura"
February "Namahage"
March "Girls' Festival" (Hina Dolls Festival)
April "Cherry tree" (SAKURA)
May "Children's Day"
June "Tenshu-kaku"
July "Star Festival"
August "Nebuta Festival"
September "Scarecrow"
October "Shogi Pieces"
November "The running up of the salmon"
December "Snow"

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