Childhood Cancer: Incidence in Japan
Incidence Morbidity
In 1975, childhood cancer caused in approximately 2,500 children. After 1980, patients diagnosed as childhood cancer has been deceased and it was approximately 2000 children in 2005. However, the population-based morbidity of childhood cancer remains to approximately 10 per 100,000 children and it has not been changed since 1975. In Japan, childhood population has been decreased after 1950. The percentage population of children was decreased to 20% in 2005, while the pupulation rate was approximately 40% in 1950. Thus, the cause of childhood cancer has been decreased with decreasing the population of children, but the morbidity is not changed from 1970s.
Morbidity in Male Morbidity in Male Morbidity in Female
Rate of Morbidity (Male / Female)  
The childhood cancer is defined as "Neoplasms developed in children under 14 years old." Childhood cancer most occurs among 0-4 years-old children. Childhood cancer occurs in male more than female by approximately 20%. This characteristic is consistent from 1975.
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